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Mul T Lock Deadblot:


Mul T Lock Deadbolt:

The Mul T Lock Deadbolt series is a range of deadbolt locks that have leading industry designs allowing you to choose from singular or double cylinder mechanisms.

You also have the option of going for the captive key options if you do not want the cylinder deadbolt locks. When it comes to combining strength and flexibility, the Mul T Lock is the only one to do this as no other Grade 1 deadbolt in the market has an adjustable backset. This series of deadbolt locks is made to withstand a wide variety of methods used to gain forced entry. First and foremost, all of them are ANSI Grade 1 when it comes to their locking mechanisms. Their Cylinders are also UL437 so they cannot be easily picked or drilled. The Mul T Lock deadbolts come in a wide variety of cylinder plug and bolt finishes matching your preferences in the closest way possible. You can pick from bright brass to the ever popular satin chrome. All these locks will come with 2 keys included but one also has the option of getting only 1 if it is keyed alike.



Medeco Deadbolt:



Medeco Maxum Deadbolt:
Medeco Maxum Deadbolts are manufactured to be more resistant to wear and tear than the ANSA Grade 1 bar set for comparisons

This deadbolt lock is made from a solid brass collar that can withstand any attempts at getting it open with a hammer or crowbar by spinning around instead of breaking. The inserts within it are made from hardened steel so they are also harder than most locks to pick. The lock also comes with a Medeco patented design that makes it illegal for anybody to duplicate the keys without your permission.
There are different cylinder technologies that you can order for your Medeco Deadblolt. These can be mechanical or electronic cylinder features that you can choose according to your best preferences. For example, The Bilevel and MedecoX4 do not have Grade 1 cylinder certification while the Medeco3 does. The Medeco3 and the Bilevel will have will be resistant to drilling and hammering while theMedecoX4 is not.




Kwickset Smart Key Deadblot:



Kwikset Smart Key Deadbolt:
The Kwikset smart key deadbolt is a series of the new generation of electronic deadbolts that allow you to gain entry into your home without using any keys. What you get is a personal code that you can give to who you want to have entry into your premises. Enter this code on the numbered keypad and your door unlocks. One push of the button also locks your door immediately. This code can be changed at any time to your convenience.

  • Quick Easy installation with no need for hardwiring.
  • Locking at the push of a button.
  • Re-key the lock any time you wish in a few seconds.
  • Reinforced security from side locking bar.
  • Patented locking mechanisms that are bump-proof.
  • Lifetime guarantee on mechanical components.
  • One year guarantee on electronic components.


Schlage Locks:


Schlage Locks:
Schlage locks are all made from the highest quality premium metal. All the deadbolts have an anti-pick shield that does not allow any picking tools in. the outside of the Schlage locks are also made of one-piece making them difficult to vandalize. On the inside, the keyways are all covered with smooth plating so that your keys condition is does not deteriorate from any scratching wear and tear. Each and every one of the locks is ANSI Grade 1. The locks come in great quality finishes like Satin Nickel and antique brass that have a lifetime warranty. The mechanical components are covered with a lifetime warranty as well. Thanks to the patented Snap & Stay design, installing the Schlage locks is a very easy affair and only one person is need to do it in a matter of minutes.

  • One Piece exterior
  • Snap & Stay Design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Elegant finishes
  • ANSI Grade 1 Security



Jimmy Proof Locks:




Jimmy Proof Locks:
Jimmy proof locks are designs that came from the first dead bolt locks. They are usually oval in shape and have one of their sides containing a bolt that can be moved up or down into a socket called a strike plate.

The strike plate is not part of the large jimmy lock but is attached to the frame of the door and the bolt of the lock slides into it.  The Jimmy proof locks get their name from the fact that they cannot be Jimmied open since on the outside of the door you have no access to the lock and thus cannot tamper with it to open it.
Apart from not presenting intruders with a lock they can pry off the door, the Jimmy proof locks are also a favorite to many because they can be attached on any side of the door no matter what type of opening mechanism the door uses.
You can get Jimmy proof locks in various designs from leading lock and security providers like Mul T Lock, Schlage, Medeco and Kwickset.



Electronic KeyPad Locks:


Electronic Keypad Locks:
Many home and business owners are fast opting to replace their old conventional door locks with the new-age electronic keypad locks. These cutting-edge electronic door locks can be found in various designs from industry leading companies that provide locking solutions like Mul T Lock, Kwickset, Medeco and Schlage.
The main or biggest advantage that is making people convert to these types of locking systems is the fact that they eliminate the hassle of carrying around and taking care of keys to the locks. With the electronic keypad locks, all you have to do is input a code that was set by you and the lock opens. The locks can also be quickly locked again with the simple push of a button or automatically.
Another great advantage of the electronic keypad locks is that it eliminates the need for rekeying. All you have to do when you feel security might be breached is change the entry code in just a matter of seconds/minutes right there on the keypad.




Mortice Cylinders



Mortise Cylinders:
Mortise cylinders perform the actual function of locking shut or opening a mortise lock. The mortise locks are usually made from; a lock body which is installed in an opening cut out in the door, a lock trim which is better referred to as a handle, a strike plate which is the plating that a bolt will slide in or out of and the mortise cylinder which will perform the function of making the bolt slide.
Mortise cylinders can be made from a wide variety of manufacturers like Medeco or Mul T Lock but all of them can have the possibility of fitting into the same mortise lock. These cylinders are widely popular because once fitted into a door lock, they work in combination with other mechanisms like door knobs or deadbolts thus making them difficult to pry open without an original key.


Panic Bars:



Panic Bars:

Panic bars are become quite a common mechanism for unlocking doors as they allow for quick action.

There is no need for one to pull out keys and figure out how to unlock the door and then open the door. These bars simply let you open the door with one simple action that lifts a tumbler (mechanism holding the door locked) and keeps it open as long as you are still applying pressure on the panic bar.

They are considered the best type of locking device to have when you are faced with an emergency situation that calls for a quick exit (or entry). Panic bars are usually made from a long metal bar that has a spring attached to a lever. Pushing the bar pulls on the spring which activates the lever which consequently opens the door. They are more often than not placed on the inside of a door that opens away from the occupant trying to get out of the room. Push bars are an obligatory safety measure as exit points in certain buildings like hospitals all over the world. They are made by industry leading security and lock providers like Medeco, Schlage and Mul T Lock.



                                                                              Access Control

Access Control

Access control can be achieved by the use of sophisticated locks, smart cards, fingerprinting) or security codes, passwords orprints that are set and controlled by the enforcing security department of the building. Access control can have the following features depending on the type of system you choose and the manufacturer:

  • Access to a varying number of users e.g. 5000 users on 1500 modular doors.
  • Historical records of entries and exits.
  • Vandal resistant locking units.
  • Internal power sources to keep locks functional in case of power failure in the building.
  • Sounding unit to alert ongoing granted or restricted access.
  • Control of all doors in the system from one central location.
  • Management of user data like photos or fingerprints on an external storage and user interface.
  • Quick set up that allows system to be in place within hours and access easily modifiable within minutes.

Access control has become more and more readily available to consumers from various industries from high tech buildings to simple mom and pop shops. They are available in various price brackets to suit your needs each having its own level of security.



                                                                 Cam Locks


Cam Locks

Cam locks are a very simple type of lock that uses a metal plate known as a cam to lock the door. The metal plate is attached to the locks main body and when a key rotates it moves the cam either up and down to lock or open the door. To lock the door, the cam is usually rotated 90 degrees into a horizontal position which prevents the opening of the door as the ends of the cam are on either side of the door and its frame. To unlock the door, the cam is reversed 90 degrees to put both ends of the cam on one side (usually the door side only) where it is attached to the main lock body. The cam locks can use either radial pin tumblers or disc tumblers which either have cylindrical pins or discs placed in a row. Medeco, Schlage and Mul T Lock have come to be known as the best manufacturers of the Cam Locks.




                                                                                     Cylinder Locks


Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are a type of lock whereby its integral part is a cylinder which contains the locking mechanism. The locking mechanisms that can be incorporated into a cylinder can be a disc, wafer or pin tumbler lock. When one needs to rekey their locks (e.g. when they lose their keys), the locksmith will simply remove the cylinder, rekey it and then reinsert it into the lockset. The biggest advantage one gets from the cylinder locks therefore is that this cylinder can be easily removed to be rekeyed or even replaced without having to damage or alter the rest of the lockset. There are different types of cylinder locks and these variations will depend on the number of cylinders and the type of keying systemused in the lock.The most popular cylinder locks come from the biggest security system providers like Schlage, Mul T Lock and Medeco just to name a few.



                                                Glass Door Lock

Glass Door Lock

A glass door lock is simply a lock that enables you to lock up a door that is mainly made of glass. These locks are usually classified on their own as glass is easily breakable. This means that the right thickness of lock has to be decided for the right thickness of glass or else risk weakening the entire integrity of the door. There are various types of locks that one can choose from but all these fall into two categories whereby they are either inserted into a drilled hole in the glass or attached without any drilling. Below are some of the features of glass door locks;

  • Insert key locks bored into glass doors (varying holes from 16mm)
  • Push locks
  • Insert track locks
  • Pull locks
  • Clip on ratchet locks
  • Hinged glass locks

All these different types of glass door locks can be bought from top security lock manufacturers like Mul T Lock, Medeco and Schlage.






Locksets are also commonly written as lock sets and refer to the physical hardware and all the components used to lock a door or any other object like a window or a safe. These components will vary greatly from one lockset to the next depending on the manufacturers. Some of the most common components that are to be found in locksets are:

  • The handles which one uses to pull open the door.
  • The Latch Bolt which is used to fastentogether the two pieces that open and close (e.g. door to frame).
  • The Dead Bolt which is the actual mechanism that makes sure the entire lockset remains firmly fastened together until a key is inserted into its cylinder to open it.

The type of lockset chosen will dictate the way users will be opening or shutting the door in order to enter or exit a room.




                                                      Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks go by the two other names electromagnetic locks or the maglock. This type of locks is made up of two major components; the electromagnetic component and the armature plate. The electromagnetic component will usually be attached to the frame of the door. The second component, the armature plate on the other hand will go on the door. When electric currents pass through the electromagnetic locks, they can have two effects of either locking them or releasing them. The effect resulting from passing through the locks divided the magnetic locks into two:

  • Fail Safe Magnetic lock – Current keeps it locked by creating a magnetic force.
  • Fail Secure Magnetic lock – Current opens up the lock by cancelling out the magnetism holding it shut.

Magnetic locks come in various styles and sizes depending on the manufacturer and your preferences. World leading manufacturers to get magnetic locks from include Schlage, Mul T Lock and Medeco.

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